Chemotherapy was killing me, So I chose Sevenpointfive

What brought you to Sevenpointfive?

I have stage IV rectal cancer and could not live with chemo any longer.  I had to look for alternatives to treat my condition and give me a chance at life.  My wife has known about sevenpointfive for a couple of years and we decided that it was the way to go.


What was your state of health prior to Sevenpointfive?

I’ve never felt ill from the cancer itself, but the chemo was breaking me down emotionally and physically.  I had no energy left, had terrible stomach cramps, diarrhea, the worst skin rash imaginable on my face, scalp, back and chest.  I had to use pain killers to enable me to sleep.  Emotionally I was at an all-time low, preparing for my inevitable death which the oncologists predicted within a year or so.  I was overcome with sadness about my baby girl who would grow up without her daddy and having to leave my wife and older children.  Men do cry and I cried a lot.  

What other methods of healing have you tried and what medications were you on and for how long?

I was first diagnosed with cancer in December 2011 and went through the conventional treatment routine of chemo, radiation and surgery.  Thereafter another 6 months of chemo to “kill off” whatever was left of the cancer.  I was in remission for 6 months when a routine checkup indicated that the cancer was back in the rectum, in the lymph glands in the abdominal area and in both my lungs.  I started on another chemo routine having been told that it cannot cure me, but could make me live a while longer.  After just more than 4 months I decided to quit.  I could not take it anymore.  Some days I was so weak that I could barely drive home from work.  I could not face living like that until the end.  It was just unbearable.

What change did you first notice once on the Sevenpointfive Program?

I had chemo every two weeks starting on Wednesday and finishing on Friday.  Normally I had to leave work at around lunch time on the Friday because I could not sit up straight at my desk any longer.  I was dead tired by then.  I started on the sevenpointfive program on a Monday before my chemo started and by Friday I was feeling great.  My wife got home after work and instead of finding me almost dead on the bed, I was sitting in a chair by the swimming pool reading a book.  That entire weekend I was feeling more normal than I have in months.  I could go to the mall and managed our weekly grocery shopping without any problems.  Plus I did not experience any nausea or diarrhea from the chemo that entire weekend.  It was amazing.  I felt so well that I decided to quit the chemo and start on the full sevenpointfive protocol.

How long did it take for you to regain physical / mental control over your life?

Chemo is no joke.  The side effects can take months or years to go away completely, but my skin cleared up within a few weeks and I started feeling my old self again.  Slowly my energy returned and now, after almost 8 months, I feel great.  At first it was really tough.  You feel alone without the support of medical specialists, but after every visit to Kyra I was more determined that I was on the right track, taking control of my health and my life.  We tend to believe that conventional medical treatment is the only option, but we are wrong.  What you put in your mouth can change your life.  Simple as that.  Eat junk food and processed food all the time and you will look and feel terrible.  Eat healthy food all the time and you will feel amazing.  I went for a CT scan after 6 months and to the surprise of the oncologist, the cancer was stable, looking just the same as it did in December 2013.

How has Sevenpointfive changed the quality of your life?

If you feel healthy and well physically, chances are you will feel the same emotionally.  I believe that the Lord still has many plans with me and that my life is far from over.  God promised me a long life in Psalm 91 which he revealed to me in a wonderful way.  I no longer feel as if I have to prepare for death every morning when I open my eyes.  I have the energy to play with my children, cook, do things around the house, put in a full day’s work and enjoy every moment of my life.  The Lord has given me a second chance and I am enjoying every minute of it.  And all it took was faith and a lifestyle change by adopting the sevenpointfive way of living.  I don’t have any headaches ever, my skin is healthy, I feel physically perfect and my hair has returned to a thick dark brown colour (with a bit of grey of course).  I don’t know how long I still have to live, but I am confident that my next CT scan in November 2014 will be even more fantastic as the last one in May.

How has your opinion of the medical profession and natural health changed?

I have always been a bit skeptical when it comes to alternative treatments, but not anymore.  If I knew what I know now when I was diagnosed with cancer, I would not even have bothered with conventional treatment.  I have read a lot about natural healing and there are thousands of examples of people who were healed without invasive treatment.  Prof Jane Plant, Dr. Lorraine Day and Dr Kelley, to name but a few.  Every person has to decide for him or herself.  I chose natural healing and it was the best choice I ever made.  Conventional medicine has its place, but it is not the answer to everything.


Via Cobus Britz @ Sevenpointfive Fourways