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My problem was resolved in 4 days!

One and a half years ago, I contracted a virus from somewhere. By way of comparison I was probably more ill than what would be regarded as the norm. My problem drove me mad!

Many hours of searching for a cure and many hard-earned rands were spent in trying to cure my 'problem'.  Creams by the dozen were prescribed by various doctors.

All manner of tests, check-ups and procedures that would embarrass even the most open-minded person were performed. Yes, my embarrassing 'problem' was an itching rectum, diagnosed as Candida Albicans, a yeast type infection. Scratch, scratch and more scratching until, literally, blood poured freely. You might think 'Sis! How dirty', but just try and live with such a problem.

After visiting the second Gastro-intestinal Specialist, I finally decided I had been tortured enough. This problem and the procedures not only left me humiliated but also agitated at the incompetence of the medical profession. This specialist said I had contracted the 'bug' from my toes - I had never contemplated Yoga or practised it!

Then came along Garth Kent from Sevenpointfive. My son had told me that he had brought something natural from America that might help, but I was disillusioned and first thought, 'so what, nothing had worked from the best doctors and specialists, so how could something natural work?' I then decided to contact Sevenpointfive anyway.

The result was that Garth suggested the following Sevenpointfive products: Coral CalciumSilver Max, Omega SLOAssimil8, and Activ8. I immediately began taking the products and even swallowed the Coral Calcium granules and sprayed the Silver Max on the affected areas.

My problem was resolved in 4 days! I could not believe it - my itching had finally subsided after 1 and a half years of suffering. Wow! It really worked and now I can think straight again - the itch is gone.