In February 2002 I was diagnosed with breast cancer that had spread to the lymph nodes. I had the operation- a lumpectomy and auxiliary clearance. I then had to have chemotherapy and radiation.  After much research by my husband and plenty of anxiety we decided to follow the Sevenpointfive protocol.

I go for a follow up Sevenpiontfive consult every month to monitor my progress; initially I went every week. Every 3 months I see the Oncologist and have my blood tests.  It has been a year now and the results have all been very good.  By going to Sevenpointfive regularly they can keep a check on my health and advise me on how to correct certain conditions. I have changed my eating habits and now drink plenty of good quality water. 

 I would really like to thank everyone at Sevenpointfive for their encouragement and support and I know I will continue to receive it.