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The extra energy is wonderful!

Three years ago I suffered from burnout. I had an extremely stressful job. My memory also started to slip. I had always prided myself on having a sharp memory and in the accounts line of work, that is invaluable. My memory got so bad that I would be driving somewhere and I couldn't remember where I was supposed to be going!

I have my own business and have about 15 clients. Sometimes I would leave one client to go to another and I couldn't remember what I had just done.

Enter Sevenpointfive! 

Mindset has made a vast improvement. I've started to feel sharp again.  Now I can remember figures and problems that need to be dealt with. 

I had glandular fever in high school and it has been my weakness ever since. As soon as I am very tired (which is not very difficult to become when you have your own business, a teenager and a two year old) my glands swell up and my energy levels are non-existent - to the point that it is an effort to walk up stairs or make a cup of tea. The extra energy I have since taking Sevenpointfive is wonderful! If I have forgotten to take my dose in the morning, by eleven I’m already in wind-down mode. 

My husband is very skeptical of all natural remedies and has always "pooh-poohed" my faith in them. Recently, he has been under tremendous pressure and working 16-hour days. The only thing he would ever take was calcium, zinc and magnesium supplements. I would swap out his calcium supplements for Mindset and Energiser. He would ask what it was, and I would just say it's your calcium. He knew full well that it wasn't just calcium! He now goes to the bottle to get his own dose in the morning and has started talking to work associates about it! Even he cannot deny the benefit he has felt. 

I get very excited about a product that I have really felt the benefits from. My system has always been very acidic and so Sevenpointfive really works for me.