Two lumps disappeared completely

A story about hope, to inspire others in similar situations for whom hope is often so difficult to have.
I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1997. I was twenty seven years old with two little boys aged five and two.

After several tests it was discovered that I had a malignant tumor in my stomach, the outlook was not very hopeful. For days I could not look at my small sons without bursting into tears. It all seemed so unfair, I could not bear the thought of the sadness it would cause my little boys if I were not there for them.

That is when I decided not to let the doctor’s opinion determine my fate. I exhausted every natural avenue I could find. After several operations and a year of cancer treatments -which often made me feel unbearably sick- it was hard to stay focused on getting better. After the longest and definitely the most difficult year of my life I did get better though.

It has been seven years now and although I have had a few set backs along the way, HOPE is something I find so much easier to have. I was recently diagnosed with malignant lumps (cancer) in my other breast. I had my blood analysed at Sevenpointfive. The cleanse, nourish and balance plan makes so much sense.I followed the recommended protocol, took the suggested supplements, and applied the suggested hormone stimulating creams. Within weeks, two of the lumps had disappeared completely. I had a small lump surgically removed which resulted in no further treatment.

When you understand the powerful effects of keeping your body properly cleansed, nourished and balanced and the benefits of keeping your body at the correct pH, then you will understand why so many other people like me will find a new sense of hope.