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The cancer is completely gone!

Cancer runs in my family. I knew that it was just a matter of time before I would end up with some form of cancer myself. Well... it happened, July 5th 2000. I was told that I had cancer in my left breast.

My doctor was telling me that I had to have a mastectomy and would have to follow up with radiation and chemotherapy. I watched my mother and brother go through the "conventional treatment" of radiation and chemotherapy -being sick the all the time and then dying horrible deaths. I knew that I was not going to follow the norm of what's considered cancer treatment.

In my search for an alternative way to fight my cancer, I found Sevenpointfive. Sevenpointfive is a company that has an awesome line of all natural nutraceuticals. Through this company and some of the exceptional people that work for them, I learned how to cleanse, nourish, and balance my body for optimum health. I learned that if we alkalise our bodies and keep it alkaline we have a chance to avoid things like cancer. But the one thing that really opened my eyes and gave me faith was the fact proven by a Dr. Otto Warburg (who won the noble prize in 1931 for his studies) that cancer couldn’t live in an alkaline environment. I just can’t understand why our medical establishments haven’t followed his studies - proven correct over 70 years ago!

I started on a number of Sevenpointfive's products and I changed my eating habits drastically to only alkaline foods, like fresh fruits and vegetables. All this was not done in vain because just 6 months later on December 20th 2000, the report on my mammogram and ultra sound came back saying that the cancer was completely gone. I definitely made the right choices and I will continue to do so!