Breast Cancer Testimonial

On the 30th July, 1999, a cancer tumour was discovered in my left breast. I had a lumpectomy on 2nd August. Of the 15 glands removed, 5 were already affected by the cancer.


Dr. Rika Pienaar, my oncologist at Panorama Hospital, told me I had had this tumour for plus minus, three and a half years - that is why so many glands were affected.

On the 18th of August, I had my first chemotherapy at Panorama Hospital, Cape Town.  To my surprise, I was not so nauseous or sick as I expected, or as other patients had experienced. My complexion is still normal, my eyes are clear and I am not so tired or weak!!

My sister heard of Garth Kent two days before the diagnosis and contacted Garth straight away. I started using the prescribed dosages and health diet on Wednesday, 11th August.  The detoxification process lasted till the Sunday. After that I started feeling less tired, not so weak or dizzy.

This has really surprised Dr. Pienaar and my surgeon Dr. P. Baker. Dr. Baker was so impressed when I told about my supplements, that he recommended them straight away to a personal friend.  Dr. Pienaar said if you take into account how strong my chemo is - it is absolutely amazing.

My most recent blood counts are:


Third chemotherapy:  Fourth chemotherapy:

28.9.1999       18.10.1999

Hb           12,9         Hb          12,8

W cells   4,8           W cells    4,0

Plates     306          Plates     294

After chemotherapy, I drink more of the Coral Calcium water.  It definitely helps combat the nausea.

Carina was cleared of cancer in September 2000 and again in September 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004 and is the only survivor of the group of women who received chemotherapy together at that time.