My Doctor couldn't believe my progress

Two years ago I went for my mammogram and bone density tests. There were cysts present in my mammogram and the doctor told me to come back every 6 months for a follow up and to talk to my gynae about my bone density.

 I then went on to Sevenpointfive and two years later I went back to the same doctor. He couldn’t believe my progress. He said I had no cysts in my breasts and that my bone density had decreased by only .04% in two years whereas it was going down by 1.79% in previous years. He was so amazed that he has asked me for Sevenpointfive's contact details!

I must add that at the age of 59 my husband gave me a bicycle and we cycle for about an hour three times a week!

Every night I take 2 Coral8 and every morning I take 2 Mindset, 1 Assimil8, 1 Activ8, and 1 Omega SLO. I try to drink at least 1.5 litres of water a day with a sachet of coral calcium.  I love coffee and have filter in the morning and maybe once in the day. I also love red wine and have about 2.5 glasses at night! 

Thank you for putting me on this programme.