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Today, I am absolutely pain free!

For years I have suffered with inexplicable pains throughout my entire body. 


Numerous visits to my medical doctor - and even going as far as seeing a Rheumatoid Arthritis Specialist - yielded no relief and no explanation as to why I was in such pain. I was told that it could possibly be the Statin which I was taking for Cholesterol, but that there was nothing that I could do about it - I had to be on that medication for the 'rest of my life'. It was a case of taking anti-inflammatory medication to try and ease the pain - albeit for a very short while - or carry on suffering.  Sleepless nights were the order of the day - even lying down caused  my body to ache severely. Although I had medical aid, I was personally spending a fortune on the anti-inflammatory medicines myself beyond their contributions.

Every time I saw my doctor - which was often - it was a case of "try this medication", "double up on that medication", "cut down on this, that and the next medication".  Eventually I was thoroughly sick of taking medication! 

In November last year, I came across Seven Point Five and made an appointment to see Dr Bunce.

At the very first consultation (an hour long which included in depth discussions and a finger prick blood test examined under the microscope) she came to the conclusion that it was most than likely the Statin causing the problem - without me telling her that that was what my medical practitioner had suspected. 

More discussions followed, and it was entirely my choice - out of desperation - to wean myself off the Cholesterol medication I was on and start on the Sevenpointfive natural supplements for Cholesterol. Within just 2 weeks I felt the difference and, today, I am absolutely pain-free - except for the odd (mild) Arthritis pain. 

I have since started taking other capsules which are all beneficial to my health. Mindset capsules are enabling me to be 'less stressed' - and therefore I am able to wean myself off the CILIFT tablets. I firmly believe these all play a vital role in my total wellness.