Bloating - I feel like a new person

What brought you to Sevenpointfive?


What was your state of health prior to Sevenpointfive?

Bloating and Reflux disease as well as allergies

What other methods of healing have you tried and what medications were you on and for how long?

Herbal and over-the-counter medications and meds from doctors


What change did you first notice on the Sevenpointfive Program?

I stopped taking antihistamines and any other over-the-counter tablets

How long did it take for you to regain physical/mental control over life?

5 days after the detox

How has Sevenpointfive changed the quality of your life?

I have no more bloating and I sleep better at night - I feel like a new person.

How has your opinion of the medical profession and natural health changed?

Natural health is much better for you in the long run and I believe in Sevenpointfive 


Naomi via Mireille at Sevenpointfive Sea Point