What a relief! I feel like a new person!

I started using the products immediately after my first consultation and I have had no heartburn since -regardless of what I eat - when, previously, even water would occasionally give me heartburn. 

I only had a headache once during my detox, but took two coral8 capsules and it was gone within half an hour! Isn't that amazing? 7 days later, my bloated stomach has eased a lot; it no longer feels like I am 7 months pregnant so at this rate I know that I will have my stomach back to normal. With my stomach problems over the years I thought I would eventually need some kind of surgery to correct them.


I have not had a single allergex since I started using Sevenpointfive when I usually could not sleep without taking 2 because my nose would be totally blocked. Wow! What a relief! I feel like a new person, and this after such a short time! We take no more pharmaceutical products, only Sevenpointfive. We sleep really well and are so well rested that we're able to work hard throughout the day.

I already tell everyone about sevenpointfive. Thank you very much for all your help and care, we appreciate you so much!


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