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Autoimmune: I feel great compared to this time last year!

My autoimmune disease reached a peak over the last two years - my energy levels were depleted, and every muscle in my body ached so badly that it was hard for me to explain it to those around me.  I had a warm, feverish feeling over my body that felt like a permanent heat flush. My joints were swollen and it became difficult for me to complete my daily activities. As I am still young this wasn’t easy for me to cope with since I have always loved to be active. 

My family has a history of Sjögren's syndrome - an autoimmune condition where the body's immune system attacks glands that secrete fluid- and after they tested my eyes and saliva gland production it was very emotional for my whole family as I had similar symptoms.


After many different approaches to beat this, everything made me feel weaker. I used methotrexate weekly, malaria medication and a handful of painkillers daily. I felt too sick to eat.

My prayers were answered and I am so excited to share this with everyone:

In February 2013 I went to see Dr. Bunce (Sevenpointfive Linden). I was so motivated by her caring heart and her encouraging spirit. I am so thankful. The first two weeks weren't easy but Dr. Bunce made me realize there was hope and by making Sevenpointfive part of my daily routine I felt better than ever and I can lead a normal life. 

Every day is a new day and I have learned to take every day’s challenge as they comes and make the best of it.  As with any autoimmune condition, I learned that one should really listen to one's body. It’s really amazing and feels great to know that I am using natural products, and with them I am cleansing, balancing and nourishing myself to help my body fight back on its own.

After 5 months of using Sevenpointfive I am pain free and so full of energy.

I am now also part of the Sevenpointfive Team at the new branch in Bryanston and it is such a rewarding job to tell people that there is hope and Sevenpointfive could also change their quality of life.


Nelmari at Sevenpointfive Sandton