Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Testimonial

Clinton and I wish to express our heartfelt thanks and appreciation for the simply wonderful and if I might say, miraculous help you gave Gareth with the Sevenpointfive products.

Gareth’s ear infection, which was a major problem of many months, has totally cleared up on the Silvermax and Omega SLO.  His hearing is perfect and the doctors say the eardrum is as clear as a bell. There is no sign of infection.

After our consultation with you in January this year, Gareth went onto Coral Calcium, Assimil-8, Activ- and the detox diet.  I tried as best I could with an 11 year old to make sure he drank the water and ate as healthy as possible.

The great miracle has been the Mindset. Our son has become a normal happy child, achieving at and enjoying school.  He is no longer a quiet introverted little boy who had no social interaction with his peers. The change was gradual as you suggested, but we are thrilled to bits to report that for the first time in his school life, Gareth was happy and proud to give Clinton and myself, his school report this term end.

He is achieving 80-90% for Maths and his comprehension has improved by ‘leaps and bounds’.  He is bringing young friends home from school and enjoying his life to the full. His interest in projects and family life has also improved.

From us all here in Harare and the grandparents in Howick, we are so grateful for these wonderful products and can honestly recommend them to anyone for improved health and well-being.  For parents, who’s children have ADD and ADHD, we call Mindset the natural miracle.