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He is healthy in every way!

I was referred to Sevenpointfive by my mother. My two year old son suffered from coughing, mucus and asthma. He wasn't eating, sleeping or putting on weight like a normal child. He also had dark rings under his eyes and was pale in colour.

Once he started the Sevenpointfive program, he started showing a lot of detox symptoms. He coughed up half a glass of phlegm, he was vomiting, had hot and cold flushes and stomach pain. But after two days he started eating normally, putting on some weight and his colour improved. His demeanour changed dramatically and he was more like a normal, happy two year old. 

He now no longer uses his asthma pumps and he is healthy in every way. Thanks to Sevenpointfive, I have learned how to treat sickness, from general flu to severe illness. Silvermax is our new best friend.


Testimonial given to Delia Francis at Hillcrest. July 2010