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Never in my life have I felt so good!

After going to the Orthopaedic surgeon (including a hip replacement) a few times with an extremely sore ankle, having 2 X-rays where they could find nothing wrong and being told I should have a bone scan where they would inject radioactive material into the bone to X- ray it, I finally -in desperation- decided to try sevenpointfive.

During the Live Blood Analysis, I got the fright of my life when I saw what my blood looked like. I was told that the problem was with my blood and not my ankle, and the treatment for my foot was not to address the symptoms, but the root cause. I started the protocol the following day. 

I was basically deaf in my right ear so if I slept on the left side I heard nothing. I went to church in the evening and couldn't understand why the music was so loud. Well, needless to say, my hearing has been restored completely. 


I had a problem with my eyes as well. They were watering as well as hazy. Those symptoms have completely disappeared. 

I have been living with arthritis for many years. Some of my rings I have not been able to wear for about 10 years, well guess what, my knuckles have gone down, so the rings fit again and the stiffness in my hands has gone away. My nails and cuticles look much better. 

I am no longer bloated with heartburn, have lost centimetre all over and look and feel years younger. 

My concentration, and general mental health is great, I discarded all my medication as well as over the counter vitamins as they didn't seem to help me. 

As for my foot! I no longer have the severe swelling in my ankle and I am able to walk briskly with ease. It has been about 3 years that I have been unable to walk up and down stairs without holding on to a wall to assist me and after 3 days I walked up and down 12 flights of stairs, unaided. A friend who was with me could not believe what he saw. My foot is not completely pain free yet but the huge improvement in only 5 days of treatment is phenomenal. 

My daughter and I work together and we were very often at each other’s throats. Since taking sevenpointfive's supplements my mood is so much calmer, the world can pass me by! My daughter is so happy and so am I. 

I am 70 years old, feel 30 and look 50 now!!! Thanks to Sevenpointfive!


Kind regards 

Anette Clarke