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From wheelchair to walker in 2 months

During December 1999, Shalini’s dad spoke to me about Sevenpointfive. Upon his recommendation I decided to take my grandmother who is 78 years old, for a consultation. Your consultant tested her blood and spent some 45 minutes explaining in detail the problems and the recommended course of action.

Upon her analysis, we bought all the recommended supplements. Incidentally, my grandmother had had a fusion due to arthritis of both hips and was therefore confined to a wheelchair.

After one month on the treatment her arthritis started to ease and she was able to move her legs slightly. After 2 to 3 months she is now walking with the aid of a walker and has regained her dignity as a human being. Progress has been steady and the family have been very impressed. We have therefore recommended many more people to consult you.

Thank you for introducing a wonderful product to S.A., and at the same time, a very big thank you to your consultant for her accurate analysis and treatment.

God bless and keep up the good work!