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We are looking to a brighter future!

He was born at 33 weeks gestation, weighing just 930 grams. Jonathan spent seven weeks in hospital and on discharge experienced many problems with his stomach, e.g. vomiting and colic.  He had a hernia operation at 3 months of age, and has been diagnosed asthmatic.

He has also experienced learning difficulties and attends a school for the learning disabled, where he receives occupational therapy, as well as speech therapy.  His teacher told us that he is suffering from ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) and also said, that because of his weight - 18 kg, which for an 8 and a half year old is quite tiny, no doctor will recommend the ‘wonder drug’, Ritalin, in order to treat the ADD.  I had heard so many negatives about this drug and decided to check out alternatives for Jonathan. 

My friend’s mother saw the advert for Sevenpointfive and recommended that I give you a call. From the first day I spoke to you, I knew I was on the right track.  About a month ago, I brought Jonathan in for a live blood analysis, which he was very reluctant to do, but you managed to convince him.  What I saw on the slide was amazing.  When I saw before my very eyes all the things wrong with him, I was in a state of shock.  I took the literature home and explained to my husband, who was ‘all ears’ as to what was going on. We read all of it and decided that this was the way to go. 

We started the supplements and at first it was hard for him to go through the detoxing, and to change his whole diet, but we survived the first week and we haven’t looked back. Jonathan is a much more pleasant, happier child. He seems to be so much brighter, his appetite has improved in leaps and bounds and he even looks healthier. We are looking to a much brighter future, with God’s help and our faith and trust in Him, and the wonderful people at Sevenpointfive, I know that Jonathan is on the road to recovery.