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We were told she'd never walk or talk

Mrs. Vera Botha sent us your product, MINDSET, to help us with Marisca as she was diagnosed with ADHD with learning difficulties and an attention/concentration problem.  I must say since she has been on this product, we have seen a marked improvement in her speech, language understanding and concentration.

My mother-in-law, Vera Botha, of 23 Somerset Rd, Widenham, spoke to a colleague of yours about my daughter Marisca Le Roux, age 9 who was involved in a horrific road traffic accident last October 26.  She was coma induced and had a frontal lobectomy.  We were told she would never wake up and if she did, she would never walk, talk, or do anything for her self. 

I am pleased to say she is attending school for 2 hours a day and is walking, talking and doing everything she did before!