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Nature's hope for all children on ritalin!

I have three sons. The youngest is a sweet, bright-eyed, three-year-old named James.

Unfortunately, this sweet little boy would turn into a screaming, completely out of control little monster.  His temper tantrums and aggressive behaviour were so out of character and so impossible to control that it became impossible to take him to a restaurant or shopping.

It had a very destructive affect on the entire family as everyone tried very hard not to do anything that would result in another tantrum. We all walked on egg shells around James - children and adults alike!

Both older boys have been diagnosed as ADHD and their paediatrician indicated that it was likely that James would be following the same path. A friend suggested that I take James to SevenPointFive where she was convinced they would be able to help. I made an appointment the next day. 

They did a blood analysis and suggested the appropriate supplementation, including a product called MindSet. This has got to be one of the most amazing products I have ever tried. The effect on James has been amazing.  All our family and friends have noticed the vast improvement. For me the most amazing thing of all is that James himself asks for MindSet if he has had a sweet. If a three year old himself can see the benefits you know it works! I will never be without MindSet.  This is nature’s hope for all those children with ADHD who are on Ritalin!