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Acne - I was fed up with Doctors

What brought you to Sevenpointfive?

My husband had found Sevenpointfive on the internet and tried them. And I was fed up with doctors. 

What was your state of health prior to Sevenpointfive?

Not very good, my acne was flaring even though I had been eating healthily and I did regular exercise. I tried typical doctors, antibiotics and allergy tablets, but not for extensive periods of time though.

What change did you first notice on the Sevenpointfive program?

My acne finally started to subside.

How has Sevenpointfive changed your quality of life?

I plan to stay with Sevenpointfive until I feel 100% and then maintain my health. I always prefer natural to medical.

Received from Diane by Mark at Sevenpointfive Bedfordview