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4 years later, my SLE is still gone.

Looking back four years later, making a decision to use Sevenpointfive to treat my Lupus has been a blessing. Where I was 8 years prior to Sevenpointfive was a living nightmare! I cannot express the difference, but to say-- "it’s a miracle!"

For me Sevenpointfive is truly a protocol of cleanse, nourish and balance and this I now understand more than ever.

Why? - I started 4 years ago and did the initial 'cold turkey' - dropped all conventional medications for my Lupus treatment and supplemented with the Sevenpointfive products. I changed my diet to a 'healthy' way of eating by eliminating food and drink that were taxing my bodily functions. The first 3 weeks was an adjustment, but amazing to observe my body's positive response.

My initial cleansing was 3 months of perseverance, patience, lots of love, support and encouragement! Sevenpointfive is a journey to health and not a quick fix, but can be permanent with continued dedication, balance and patience.

I have learnt that our bodies are miracles in constant progress, working with your body mechanics and supporting with nutrients, food, water and exercise is the 'key' to health. How long it takes depends on the individual body and severity of toxicity.

I say all this because a year after taking Sevenpointfive I checked in with my Lupus specialists and they were amazed at my turn around - literally clear in all tests!! They were amazed!

In the last year and a half I experimented to see if I could come off Sevenpointfive protocol. I set myself back a little! I just don’t think we can get “all we need” from our food anymore. I now monitor myself and listen to what my body is telling me and, depending on how I’m feeling or if I have added stress, I supplement accordingly. My consultant, Joanne, is always willing to help me understand which nutrients/supplements my body needs, and I still go for regular live blood analysis consultations to monitor my internal progress.

Sevenpointfive is the 'key' to me having my life back. It is so important in helping me to cleanse, nourish and balance my body! And WORTH the miracle!

My heart is full of thanks to Sevenpointfive and all concerned.

I'm an excited 'vibrating atom' wanting and wishing to share this alternative opportunity with others - needing them to know there ARE successful options and light at the end of the tunnel.