The super-est version of you.


The super-est version of you.

If you're tired of just being average, or downright exhausted, you don't need to get bitten by a radioactive spider or dose yourself with gamma rays.

You just need Sevenpointfive.

What is Sevenpointfive?

Sevenpoint - what?

Feeling weak or bad has a cause. It could be bad bugs. It could be an unhealthy environment. Sevenpointfive works to get your body to its ideal pH, about 7.5, slightly alkaline. Only then can you start to feel better. Stronger. Smarter.

How does it work?

First, you need to find out what is wrong. We use Live Blood Analysis to see exactly what is happening in your body right now.

Second, we show which of our super products you need. Only the ones you need. And we give personalised dosages.

Third, we teach how to make the right choices in your lifestyle. It's not all rice cakes and soy, but Superman didn't fill his lunch box with kryptonite.

14765_sammy_sadI wanted to wait a full month before I wrote this testimonial, to see if my monthly cycle had any effect. I only experienced a slight fuzzy feeling in the brain, but NO Headaches - WOW what a change.

I was introduced to Sevenpointfive by a friend. She invited me to go to a talk hosted by Garth Kent. What he said made sense. I have suffered almost constant headaches for about 2 years, taking ±60 Myprodol monthly.

I went on the five day detox program. By the third day I was writhing in pain, so I took Myprodol. It only took 15 min for the pain to ease and the effect lasted a full 12 hours (normally I was lucky to get relief for about 3 hours.) I completed the detox, and have had no headaches since then. I have been headache free for a full month.

I also feel more energetic. I like the fact that my body is rid of all those chemicals. 

Thanks Joanne for your help, I look forward to working with you to keep our family healthy.

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