I tried losing weight. It keeps finding me...

to_the_beachI have bad news. Losing weight isn’t easy. Its simple, but not easy. Eat less calories than you expend. The problem is normally maintaining it. Since its been said that I enjoy my food, and I am partial to Joey from Friends favourite meal, fried stuff with cheese, I have found myself delving deeper and deeper into weight loss methods as I've got older. These are my personal tips, not necessarily scientific.

1. You gotta exercise. Even if the exercise you’re doing is not enough to burn a couple thousand calories and turn you into Kate Moss overnight, it does tighten you muscles and release endorphins. So you will definitely look a little firmer and you will feel good, making the need for comfort food unnecessary. Plus, if you do something enjoyable, like walking on the beach or playing a sport, its not painful.

2. Most people who are concerned with their weight have a scale. Its good and bad, and can get ugly. Its good that you can monitor yourself, but it is bad if you are working on it and not seeing results, and it gets ugly when you’re measuring yourself every five minutes. I suggest measure yourself no more than once a week. And look in the mirror rather than the scale. If you like what you see in the mirror, it doesn’t matter what the scale says. (You’re probably just putting on muscle.)

3. Know what you’re eating. You know that healthy looking yoghurt bar in the check out queue? Count the calories. Its more than a Big Mac. You know that full cream milk cappucino you can’t have? Its slightly more than a celery stick. Be aware, some fun options are not high cal.

4. Eat smaller meals more often. It may seem crazy that one can survive on so little, but a few days of really small portions will teach you that you don’t need 3 courses with sides to feel full. Once your stomach shrinks to its normal size, you can eat like a bird, and not feel hungry.

5. Eat slower. Give your food a little time to have a chat to your tummy, and you’ll be surprised how soon you feel full, saving you that extra helping of chips/salad/milkshake.

6. Drink lots of water. Not only does this keep you hydrated which speeds your metabolism, it also helps to flush toxins that might be stored in your fatty areas so you can burn that fat. It also keeps your stomach fuller so you feel hungry less. And it prevents one retaining water. Just do it, drink water.

Its not easy, but every little tip helps. Let me know any tips that work for you...