GordonRamsayYellingEating out is fun, educational and relaxing. But if you’re on a strict diet, for health, weight loss, whatever, the fun can be sucked out. Eating healthily can be difficult. There are a couple ways to keep the fun but still have a healthy meal.

1. Prepare: If you’re trying to eat healthily, teach yourself what you are actually trying to avoid and why. If you are trying to maintain an alkaline body, is all acid bad? Does that mean you should not have that salad because there might be lemon juice? Well, is lemon juice acid causing? (No.) Don’t wonder: can I eat bread? What about corn? Tacos? Oats? Beans? The question is really not to know every ingredient and whether you can or can’t eat it, but what the point is. Perhaps its just that you are avoiding complex carbohydrates because it is difficult to digest. And don't be shy to take your Coral Calcium water or Assimil-8 with you.

2. Ask questions: The wait staff might not know, sometimes the chef might not even know. What exactly is in that seasoning they are putting on your chips? Ask for the tub so you can read the ingredients. Most restaurants are very happy to help, and maybe you can teach them something. If they not happy to help, may I suggest another restaurant?

3. Remedy: But be balanced. You don’t need a description of every ingredient, or step of the cooking process. Maybe they use sunflower oil. Do you get up and leave? No, you lead a balanced life. Whenever you drive you absorb pollution and toxins. Do you stop driving? No, you protect your body with an antioxidant. Same with food, help your body out. Drink Coral water to negate acidity. Take Assimil-8 to help the digestion. Take Activ-8 to combat free radicals from cooking oil.

4. Dont stress: The primary cause of acidity is stress. You could be eating everything 100% correct, but be so concerned with it that it actually stresses you out, which causes acidity, which causes ill health. Which starts you at the beginning of the cycle again. 

Be balanced. Enjoy life. Have a glass of wine.