Balance, its not just for acrobats.


When one talks about living a healthy lifestyle, what comes to mind? For me, its normally cheesy 80s style workout videos or vegetarian hippie lifestyles with leather thongs sandals and long flowing dresses.

Since I don’t look great in spandex or tie-dye, I’ve tried to mix normality with a healthy lifestyle. I plan to share some of my findings on this blog. Sevenpointfive is all about balance. A balanced body, i.e. an alkaline body supplied with all the nutrients it needs is a healthy body. But a healthy lifestyle that is no fun or overly restrictive is unsustainable. And so the balance that Sevenpointfive promotes purveys into every thing we do and suggest.

So here goes, one of Garth’s favourites: Coffee is bad for you. We’ve been told that for years. Not true.

Z!ng and Berriola both contain coffeeberry extracts. Why? Z!ng helps one lose weight and Berriola targets cancer. Scientifically proven. So surely coffee can’t be that bad? We like to think it isn’t.

However, this is where balance comes in. Cheap instant coffee is 99% of the time so processed that it barely resembles coffee any more. Decaf coffee has the caffeine extracted using chemicals. Which stay in the coffee. And drinking 25 cups a day of coffee is likely to exhaust your adrenals.

So what do we suggest? Quality coffee. First prize is to buy beans, grind them yourself and make coffee using that. Otherwise, ground coffee. Personally we use an Italian blend from Woolworths and we make coffee using either a french press or a stove top espresso maker. Not expensive, and you’ll never want to drink Frisco again. By the way, we also use full cream milk, with a dash of cream and no sugar. And maybe 3 cups a day. Its hard to drink more than that when you are drinking 3 litres of water. You are drinking that much water, right?

See? Balance. Still fun, but healthy at the same time.