Mindset and ADD

"Victory!! Mindset really does work for ADD"

Sometimes working with a product makes you oblivious to just what you are dealing with, it all becomes a bit mundane. And then something like this happens.

We got a note on our Facebook page about a mom who was having a tough time with her ADD son, and blogged about it in despair. You can read that story here. The great thing is that just two months later, she was able to post an update. And a very positive one!

Things like “Luke has become a joy to have in the classroom” were bandied about. And "Victory!!!".

It's an awesome read to see how someone's life has changed, but it's even more awesome when it is your product that helped. Thanks for the blog post Nanuschka!

Grape seed extract useful for so much.

Red grape seed shown to improve atherosclerosis and cardiovascular disorders.

Recent research published in the Journal of Medicinal Food reveals that red grape seed extract greatly improves lipid profiles and lowers the damaged (oxidised) low-density lipoprotein (LDL) in patients with hyperlipidemia. These damaged lipids are easily deposited onto the inner walls of blood vessels, leading to atherosclerosis. Hyperlipidemia also leads to induction of oxidative stress and formation of more plaques inside blood vessels. These lipid-lowering effects were seen with 200 mg of the grape seed extract per day.

Reference: Razavi, S.M. et al. 2013. Red grape seed extract improves lipid profiles and decreases oxidized low-density lipoprotein in patients with mild hyperlipidemia. Journal of Medicinal Food. Epub ahead of print: PMID: 23437789. 

Grape seed extract kills colon cancer?

Grape seed extract for colon cancer?

Recent research published in the British Journal of Nutrition shows that red grape seed extract triggers cell death in human colon cancer cells through an increase in reactive oxygen species (ROS) and intracellular calcium in the cancer cells. The influx of calcium and generation of ROS lead to programmed cell death (apoptosis) of the cancer cells.

Another reason we use Activin Red Grape Seed Extract.

Reference: Dinicola, S. et al. 2013. Grape seed extract triggers apoptosis in Caco-2 human colon cancer cells through reactive oxygen species and calcium increase: extracellular signal-regulated kinase involvement. The British Journal of Nutrition. Vol 25, pp 1-13.

Folic Acid For Pregnant Mothers Minimises Autism Risk

A large study conducted in Norway has found that women who take folic acid supplements early in pregnancy are much less likely to have a child with autism. The study appears in the latest issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association. 

A study of more than 85,000 women in Norway found that those who started taking folic acid before getting pregnant were about 40 percent less likely to have a child who developed the disorder, researchers reported in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

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Everything will kill you

skull_and_crossbonesI've got bad news. You're going to die. Yep, the Internet told me. 

You shouldn't drink too much water, it could kill you. It's true, water intoxication. Black cohosh causes liver cancer. Selenium increases the chance of cancer. You can die from being too alkaline. And if you take Colloidal Silver, you'll turn grey.

Is it true?

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So I had a hamburger the other day...

So I had a hamburger the other day...

And it was lovely. Bet you won’t find that in most health and wellness books or diets. So am I a hypocrite? Not a shining example of living Sevenpointfive? Nope. Wanna know why?

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I’m allergic! Are you? Are you really?

I’m sorry to hear about your fructose, lactose, gluten, nut allergy. This is a pet peeve of mine. So I’m sorry if I’m not too supportive. I know food allergies seem to be on the rise, but how many gluten intolerant people were mentioned in the bible?

“The Isrealites wandered through the wilderness for 40 years, and the whole time Zebediah complained of bloatedness.” Hezekiah 16:6 (Disclaimer: This is not an actual bible text. The ANC has not approved this quote.)

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Eating out. Without putting your life in danger.

GordonRamsayYellingEating out is fun, educational and relaxing. But if you’re on a strict diet, for health, weight loss, whatever, the fun can be sucked out. Eating healthily can be difficult. There are a couple ways to keep the fun but still have a healthy meal.

1. Prepare: If you’re trying to eat healthily, teach yourself what you are actually trying to avoid and why. If you are trying to maintain an alkaline body, is all acid bad? Does that mean you should not have that salad because there might be lemon juice? Well, is lemon juice acid causing? (No.) Don’t wonder: can I eat bread? What about corn? Tacos? Oats? Beans? The question is really not to know every ingredient and whether you can or can’t eat it, but what the point is. Perhaps its just that you are avoiding complex carbohydrates because it is difficult to digest. And don't be shy to take your Coral Calcium water or Assimil-8 with you.

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To detox, or not detox

MRfitasfiddle7866So December came and went, New Years was kind of ok, again, and 2nd most popular new year's resolution with 37% of the vote is to cleanse oneself of all the holiday braais, beers, champagne and desserts.

This normally involves eating lots of salad, abstaining from alcohol and drinking green tea. For the hardier detoxer, it may go as far as the grape diet (which excludes wine by the way), soup diet, or perhaps even having a hosepipe inserted… Well let's just say an alien probe won't be all that new for the acomplished colon cleanser.

The question is, is this all necessary?

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I tried losing weight. It keeps finding me...

to_the_beachI have bad news. Losing weight isn’t easy. Its simple, but not easy. Eat less calories than you expend. The problem is normally maintaining it. Since its been said that I enjoy my food, and I am partial to Joey from Friends favourite meal, fried stuff with cheese, I have found myself delving deeper and deeper into weight loss methods as I've got older. These are my personal tips, not necessarily scientific.

1. You gotta exercise. Even if the exercise you’re doing is not enough to burn a couple thousand calories and turn you into Kate Moss overnight, it does tighten you muscles and release endorphins. So you will definitely look a little firmer and you will feel good, making the need for comfort food unnecessary. Plus, if you do something enjoyable, like walking on the beach or playing a sport, its not painful.

2. Most people who are concerned with their weight have a scale. Its good and bad, and can get ugly. Its good that you can monitor yourself, but it is bad if you are working on it and not seeing results, and it gets ugly when you’re measuring yourself every five minutes. I suggest measure yourself no more than once a week. And look in the mirror rather than the scale. If you like what you see in the mirror, it doesn’t matter what the scale says. (You’re probably just putting on muscle.)

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