The search for great stories...

In the 13 years that Sevenpointfive has been going, we have heard some amazing stories. People who have given up on life who were helped to come through, and have regained their lives. People who have been able to reconnect with their young ones. People who have been able to change their lives due to their new found health.

But sometimes we also hear bad stories. People who were not able to be helped. People who couldn't afford the products. People not able to stay on the products. 

And so we want to try and change those bad stories to good stories. So we have implemented the Sevenpointfive Angel Program. Our consultants will submit stories of people who they believe desperately need our products, but are not able to afford them. And we will sponsor the product they need to hopefully get well, change their life for the better, and become a great story! 

We have a few candidates lined up. Keep your eye out for the first story, coming up shortly.