What's eating your skin?

What's eating your skin? [Infographic]

As we've mentioned before - everything will kill you. And if you search the internet, you're likely to find a "conclusive study" to back up whatever viewpoint you might have. While it's true it'd be impossible to do EVERYTHING we've been told ("Be vegan", "Don't eat carbs", "You need protein from meat!", "Only wear cotton" "Only wear ORGANIC cotton", " Don't let sunlight touch you", "Get at least 15 min a day"), it does help to be vigilant, read your labels and try keep as natural as possible.

For a lot of us, the idea of leaving the house au naturel in the face region is horrifying. But even more horrifying is the array of chemicals and preservatives found in your everyday cosmetics. Parabens in your lipstick, carcinogens in your nail polish, hormone disruptors in your shampoo - and all of it all but sufficiently regulated.

YES, its impossible to forego everything but be aware, get natural and organic whenever you can and moderate your use where possible.