Pretty Blue Bottles

Some of our avid Sevenpointfive users and lovers have sent in lovely ideas to re-use those stand-out blue bottles we all know so well.

1. Spice up your spice rack

If you have ever bought a spice refill, you'll know that those little boxes can be a nuisance. The little packet inside rips skew, dried parsley scatters your kitchen floor and every time you use it you forget about the rip and rain your feet in parsley confetti yet again. You can use the bottles to store your spices!


  • Slowly peel of the Sevenpointfive label
  • Clean the bottles in warm water and leave to dry properly upside down on a drying rack. (We don't want any moisture in there, caking up your spices)
  • Once dry, decant your spices into the bottles and seal to keep dry and from going stale.
  • Pop a label on the front and lid


2. Pretty Smells

Most store bought room scents and sprays are just man-made chemical concoctions. Sea breeze? Vanilla Blossom? Citrus Circus? Fake. Fake. Fake. The scents of "nature" are the scents of a lab. You can make your own natural room diffusers at home and using your striking blue bottles, essential oils and a little splash of vodka. (A slightly larger splash if you'd like to enjoy a vodka martini while you make them)

  • Remove bottle labels and rinse.
  • Tie a pretty ribbon or some hessian around the thread of the bottle neck.
  • Put your homemade room scent mix into the bottle and pop some reed or bamboo stalks into the mixture to diffuse. (Braai skewers do work but reed and bamboo are more effective)

To make the scents:

Use a mineral, almond or safflower oil as your base. Add essential oils from your local health store. (I love orange, cinnamon, vanilla and clove). Use about 12 drops of essential oil for every 1/4 cup of base oil. Add a splash of vodka to the mix. The alcohol helps the oils to bind and also assists in the diffusing and evaporation process that gets the scent moving into the room.

Hopefully these ideas will inspire you to up-cycle your Sevenpointfive product bottles. A cleansed, nourished and balance body as well as an organised and fragrant home!

How do you use yours?