Make your own Pickles

"Fermenting food is a lost art – a practice used to keep the digestive and immune systems healthy, as the digestive system makes up 70% of the body’s entire immune system. A healthy balance of good and bad bacteria needs to be maintained for optimal health. The gut is known as the second brain and contains more neurotransmitters than the brain itself.

Diet plays a key role in keeping the gut healthy, and fermented foods are the perfect way to replenish healthy gut bacteria as they provide the body with natural probiotics. Traditional cultures from the beginning of time have all had fermented foods, even though they may not have understood their role in the body. There were no refrigerators so fermenting food was a wonderful way to preserve food as well as provide healing properties to the body. The process enhances nutrient content with beneficial microbes and enzymes, and valuable vitamin K2 is provided to the body, which may prevent heart disease and osteoporosis.

Lacto-fermentation involves plunging vegetables into salt-water brine that kills any unwanted microbes, allowing the beneficial bacteria to proliferate. A chemical reaction then occurs causing lactobacilli to break down the starches and sugars of the vegetable and produce lactic acid, preserving the vegetables. A nutrient-dense food is created, which is highly therapeutic when eaten in small amounts, adding a few spoons to one’s food daily. Fermented foods nourish, balance and help heal the gut and enhance immunity." - via Real Meal Revolution