Natural Skincare

5 Tips for Natural Skincare

Bombarded with tons of advice for good skin, its hard to know what to heed. As a rule of thumb, natural is better - chemicals tend to have side effects which we'd rather not mess around with when it comes to the precious facade.

Some tips for great skin that don't cost a fortune (or anything at all...)

1. Keep it cool

Hot water can feel soothing but, especially in colder weather, it can cause drying out and irritation. You don't have to scald yourself to get clean. Room temperature or luke warm is ideal.


2. Don't banish oil

A lot of us have been brainwashed into to believing oil = blemishes or shine. Lipids are crucial to your skin health and inclusion of oils in your beauty routine will help your skin type to balance out. Specifically, clean and natural oils - think coconut, olive or comfrey oils. 

3. Fruitfoliate!

Most store bought exfoliators are far too aggressive for your skin and we also tend to scrub way too hard with them. Rather than helping, this will dry out and irritate sensitive skin and actually casue acne to flare up. Fruit is a fabulous natural alternative. The natural acids act as an exfoliator and the texture of the fruit provides the "scrub". The inside of a mango peel, mashed strawberry or pineapple chunks work wonders. Use less acidic fruit for more sensitive skins.

4. Inside out

Feeding your skin from the inside can have more effect than expensive lotions and potions. A healthy, vegetable-rich diet, plenty of water, herbal teas and limited-alcohol will treat your dermis from the inside out. 

5. Beware old wives tales

There's no real scientific link between chocolate and acne - despite what your Granny might have told you. There is, however, a link between problem skin and high-glycemic foods. Pastas and breads, for example, could be causing the irritation that chocolate has unfairly taken the blame for.


Reference: Huffington Post