Sevenpointfive Copycats

Unfortunately, the time has come to expose a few truths on certain fraudsters operating in our industry. Often, when a certain product has proved its worth, people refuse to innovate, and just copy. While we don't mind genuine people copying us and helping people, we do not appreciate con artists using our copyrighted material and bringing the industry into disrepute.

One such individual is selling systems with documents stolen from one of Sevenpointfive's office while pretending to be a client.

Please be aware of a couple of points signalling one of these con artists:

  1. They are selling microscope systems for R20 000 to R60 000 that are actually only worth R5000, selling some story that these are "on special" at this price. The microscope they are selling does not do dark field or phase contrast imagery.
  2. They are conducting a measly 4 hours of training. Sevenpointfive's training takes over a week, covering physiology, nutrition, the blood analysis and training on our products. They themselves have not received any training on Live Blood Analysis, whereas Sevenpointfive has been on training courses around the world, even contributing to the knowledgebase on Live Blood Analysis.
  3. No back up service is provided. Sevenpointfive franchisees enjoy full, continual backup from head office, not only for their equipment, but also providing access to the wealth of information Sevenpointfive has amassed from 10 years in the business.
  4. Cash only transactions are required.
  5. They purport to be Medical Professionals. All genuine Doctors are registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa. Please check with them if the doctor you are dealing with is in fact a doctor.
  6. They supply a photocopied blood chart as their main training aid. Please ask them to supply the original document. If they can't, they are in breach of copyright.
  7. They do not supply a manual for their training. Sevenpointfive provides full manuals for their training, which are two volumes.

If you are approached by a man calling himself Doctor Malcom Peterson, please contact us immediately as we wish to question this man. He most likely will be selling a system similar to the picture below.


If you would like more details on professional training, please contact Sevenpointfive Head Office.