Franchisee Profile: Kyra Rothbletz

I began working with Sevenpointfive in 2007. I was studying Alternative Medicine at the time but was faced with the dilemma of not knowing how to practice in SA, being that certain treatments are not recognized here yet. I was also unconvinced in certain aspects of the field, however, upon learning what Sevenpointfive offers – I was hooked! This was the perfect blend of using the benefits of natural medicine and Science… After all, the blood does not lie.

Once I started using the programme myself, I saw even more benefits. As a 12 year old, I got very sick, and every specialist diagnosed me with something in their field. Before I knew it I was on a cocktail of drugs – with no certainty of whether my symptoms were just side effects of them, or still my real symptoms. As a result of this, I was kept on drugs for a few years, and only after I finished school did I decide that I had had enough. No more drugs – natural was the only option forward. This is really where my passion was fired. I wanted to know every possible way to help the body help itself. To make it a lifestyle and to share as much knowledge of that as possible with others.

Something amazing about working with Sevenpointfive every day, is that there are never two clients the same.  There is so much to learn and the field is endless… You are always alert to the bodies ways of working and the simple effectiveness of providing a body with all that it needs to heal itself. It never ceases to remind me how incredible our bodies are and how with good supplementation and a shift in lifestyle we can harness the best our bodies have to offer.  It always makes me smile.

My goal is to shift the Sevenpointfive principle into working with animals. The guesswork will be over, as their blood will tell us exactly how we can help their bodies help them.

What could be more effective?

I look so forward to working with not only you in the future, but also with your animals.