Franchisee Profile: Delia Chabant 

Delia Chabant was the first Sevenpointfive franchisee to establish a branch in the Pietermaritzburg area, KwaZulu Natal in 1999. Delia then relocated and opened a Sevenpointfive branch in Westville, KZN in 2002, and subsequently opened the Umhlanga branch in 2004. 

Delia's field of expertise was initially a far cry from the area of health and natural therapy. Although, years of struggling with Glandular Fever and ME, ongoing migraines, sinusitis and exhaustion coupled with seeing her family's health deteriorate, in spite of ongoing medical intervention, drove her interest in this field. The idea of being able to create balance and well being without the use of drugs was very appealing. 

Years of trying various natural remedies had, like many out there, left her unconvinced that any were working as the prescription indicated. The concept of Live Blood screening to evaluate the efficiency of a product made perfect sense. And after just a few months of being on Sevenpointfive's program, Delia's health took a U turn for the better and gave her the ability to begin helping others through shared knowledge and experience. 

As the Sevenpointfive group has flourished over the last 13 years, so has Delia's passion to assist people to live the best life possible. Whilst there is an appreciation for medical science and advances in this area, in her opinion the rate of illness and sick people is growing exponentially, bringing into question whether the medical approach of controlling symptoms is the most viable option. The ever growing number of people whose lives have improved radically in 13 years gives her great belief that Sevenpointfive's approach of Cleanse Nourish and Balance, may well be a logical and effective tool the body requires to fight its own battles and address the underlying cause of illness.

Delia's long term aspiration would be to incorporate like minded people under one roof, a centre that will offer amongst other things, Blood Analysis, Movement and Strength Building and Counsel. Synergy producing positive momentum.