Franchisee profile - Dr Sashnie Naicker - Berea 

"I am currently a practising Homeopath with 12 years experience.  Having initially setup practise in Polokwane, Limpopo, I relocated to Durban where my interest in Sevenpointfive started. My introduction to Sevenpointfive was through my patients who found that the only product that worked for their arthritis was the CMO from Sevenpointfive.  One patient kindly handed me the Sevenpointfive manual to read as well.  Following this experience, when my brother-in-law was diagnosed with SLE, he was approached by his senior Manager who advised him to try the Sevenpointfive program.  I saw his condition improve dramatically. 

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Franchisee profile: Liana Terblanche


Liana Terblanche:

From the day my son was born he approached the world head-on. Lying down, being held and being quiet was for sleep-time only. Fearless – to the point of getting himself into very dangerous situations; highly energetic - an understatement for those who knew him then; determined; demanding; unaffectionate; resistant to change; unable to focus and unwilling to commence or complete a task unless on his terms; challenging – to an extent that few parents ever get to experience.

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Franchisee Profile: Kyra Rothbletz

I began working with Sevenpointfive in 2007. I was studying Alternative Medicine at the time but was faced with the dilemma of not knowing how to practice in SA, being that certain treatments are not recognized here yet. I was also unconvinced in certain aspects of the field, however, upon learning what Sevenpointfive offers – I was hooked! This was the perfect blend of using the benefits of natural medicine and Science… After all, the blood does not lie.

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Franchisee Profile: Dr Mark Leite

Dr Mark Leite is a homoeopathic doctor practicing in Bedfordview. After qualifying as a homoeopath, he became a nutrition manager at Dischem when a colleague of his invited him to one of Garth Kent's talks about Sevenpointfive.

After hearing the talk, he was inspired and went for training for Live Blood Analysis and the Sevenpointfive supplements. After working with the supplements, he was fascinated with the results he was receiving with his patients. After a number of conferences and workshops, he found the Sevenpointfive philosophies were physiologically sound and purchased his own franchise.

He has seen great success using the Sevenpointfive program and plans on expanding his practice using it.

Franchisee Profile: Delia Chabant 

Delia Chabant was the first Sevenpointfive franchisee to establish a branch in the Pietermaritzburg area, KwaZulu Natal in 1999. Delia then relocated and opened a Sevenpointfive branch in Westville, KZN in 2002, and subsequently opened the Umhlanga branch in 2004. 

Delia's field of expertise was initially a far cry from the area of health and natural therapy. Although, years of struggling with Glandular Fever and ME, ongoing migraines, sinusitis and exhaustion coupled with seeing her family's health deteriorate, in spite of ongoing medical intervention, drove her interest in this field. The idea of being able to create balance and well being without the use of drugs was very appealing. 

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