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Most people choose their supplements by looking at what "bang for their buck" they are getting. So when they don't see the amounts of each ingredient on our bottles, they wonder why.

There are two primary reasons why we don't put amount on our labels.

1. There is no protection of formulas. In the natural supplement market, there is no way to protect yourself from people copying the formula you may have spent years perfecting. In the pharmaceutical field, a pharmaceutical company may develop a cure for cancer, but they will not sell it until they have a patent on their formula. Unfortunately, in the natural field we don't have that protection, and have already had a number of our products copied. Therefore, we choose to make it as difficult as possible to copy.

2. Sevenpointfive works differently. General theory is that "more is more." Not necessarily so. Sevenpointfive works on ensuring the body is primed to absorb nutrients before the body gets them. If your pH is incorrect, your absorption levels can drop to as low as 5%. So 50mg of a vitamin in a Sevenpointfive product, can be equal to 1000mg of that same vitamin in another product.